Marketing Planning Software for Teams

PromoPrep helps teams plan, share, communicate, alert and report on marketing and campaign activities. Organize your calendar in a single simple platform, designed for marketers just like you.

stay organized

Capture every detail

Track marketing campaigns & activities with start and end dates, times, promo codes, landing pages and whatever else your marketing team needs. Plus, add files and link to project management systems for additional organization.

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Never Miss a launch

Stay informed with alerts

Get real-time email alerts and platform notices when activities are added, updated, starting, or ending. No more manually sending updates or hoping for team alignment. With automated alerts, activities go live on time and without error, for one less marketing headache.

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Communicate Effectively

Collaborate across teams

A successful campaign is a team effort. Get everyone aligned  stakeholders planning a marketing message, merchandisers adding product details, graphic designers uploading creative, or even agencies seeking updates for ad copy – with all communications in one location.

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Promo Filter Groups

Stay Focused

Organize with labels

Assign your activities to customizable labels and filter your calendar. Create unlimited labels like marketing channels, product types and locations to match your business needs.

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improve PLANNING

Plan to last year with a click

Need to anniversary last year’s activities? No more jumping between old worksheets or manually copying past campaign details. With one-click you can overlay the prior year’s activities onto this year’s calendar for easy planning.

find messaging opportunities

View key holidays

Never miss an opportunity for promotion. Overlay key country-specific holidays in your calendar view with an easy to use toggle. Add new marketing messages based on dates that have meaning for your customers.

enhance the experience

Use calendar or list views

No more make-shift calendars or massive spreadsheet lists for your marketing and promotional activities. Easily switch between calendar and list view formats, without ever leaving PromoPrep.


Share file attachments

Keep every creative asset and document in one place. Add files in a PromoBuzz chat for tagged users to review, or attach finalized files to the promo record for all team members to reference.


Upload & download promos

Whether you’re just getting started in PromoPrep or looking to up your game within 3rd party platforms like a data warehouse or BI tool – our upload and download functionality can help. Easily add past or upcoming promos and export existing ones, in bulk via CSV format.

ANALYZE Performance

Import performance data 

View daily performance – whether revenue, sales, bookings, leads, or any other data point – directly in the calendar. Manually import plan and actual performance, or for eCommerce, auto import eCommerce actuals through our API connected platforms. Quickly analyze and adjust promos based on what’s historically driven business.


Set user level permissions

Ensure your fellow users have the correct content visibility and edit rights, with custom permissions. Specify who can view, chat, edit, and administrate on your PromoPrep account. Further control who sees what with options to restrict access to activities and performance data.

Get your team all on the same page.