Performance Marketing Tool Integrations

We believe the world works better when it works together. In that spirit, we’re building integrations with leading 3rd party platforms to make the most of your marketing tech stack. PromoPrep uses API connections to automatically import data into your calendar for key decision making, or export to platforms able to ingest data for smarter execution.

Check back regularly for updates on our latest integrations – we have more in the works and love hearing what you’d like to connect!

Google Analytics

Integrate with analytics for automatic data import

Get the data you need to make decisions – directly in your calendar. The PromoPrep Google Analytics integration automatically imports key metrics like revenue into your calendar by day.

Quickly identify top performing promos or analyze performance changes compared to previous events. An API connection means that data is accurate, secure and updated regularly, so you can trust your numbers.

  • Unleash the power of website analytics on promo analysis
  • Gain instant visibility into performance of key promo events
  • Track revenue actuals vs. plan at the promo level
  • Automatically update daily transaction data
  • Tap into transactional data direct from the source for expanded tracking
  • Enhance promos with insight into net sales, shipping costs, discounts, margin and more
  • Simplify discount code creation via data import into Shopify
  • Automatically update transactional data


Integrate with ecomm for advanced performance analysis

As one of the leading ecommerce platforms, Shopify provides a hub for all your must-have sales detail. With the PromoPrep Shopify integration we automate the import of core KPIs into the calendar – including transactions, shipping, discounts, and returns.

Get daily performance data to make your promo planning process more efficient and impactful.

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