PromoPrep is only $99 per month.

Access to every platform feature & unlimited users for one low fee.

Free Trial - No Credit Card Needed

$99per month
or $89 per month paid yearly
  • Unlimited Users
  • Intuitive Calendar Interface
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Promo Update Alerts
    Email alerts are sent to your team when promo details change keeping everyone updated.
  • Promo Start/End Alerts
    Email alerts are sent to your team when promos start and end so promos launch on time.
  • Historical Promo Import
    Upload past and upcoming promos all at once for easy reference to all your promos.
  • Team Messaging
    Keep every detail and communication connected to each promo so everyone stays updated and in the loop.
  • Document & File Storage
    Every promo has a space to share documents, files, and images. Since everyone on the project has access, people will know exactly where to find everything.
  • Integrations to Google Analytics & Shopify
    If you use Google Analytics or Shopify, KPI data like revenue, sessions and transaction are imported daily.
  • Daily Revenue Tracking
    Track daily revenue directly on your calendar.
  • Promo Performance Tracking
    Performance dashboard of KPIs like revenue per promo, sessions, transactions and bounce rates - all pulled daily from GA or Shopify.
  • 30 Day Free Trial
    No Credit Card Required

Common Questions

Can I try PromoPrep Premium before I buy?

You can indeed with no credit card required! Sign up now and the first 30 days come fully loaded with everything we have to offer. Once your trial is over, if you would like to continue using PromoPrep you will be asked to enter your payment information.

Do you offer platform demos?

We’re happy to walk you through the platform, before or after creating an account. Users often find this helpful in understanding the tool’s functionality, or best practices for managing their marketing and promotions calendar. Submit a demo request to schedule a free demonstration.

How easy is it to get PromoPrep up and running?

Easy, since our interface is highly intuitive. Most users complete sign up and full account set-up in 10 minutes, but you’ll want to allow for more time to upload historical promos if that’s important to your team. As with any new tool, success comes when you get buy in from your team – so make sure they’re invited, actively participating, and reaching out to us for help when needed.

What qualifies as a “user” and why would I want more than one?

Individual users have access to your PromoPrep company account, each with their own username and password. Admins have the ability to set access levels and platform visibility at the users level, and each user can customize alerts or communicate with other users to more effectively manage the promo process.

What is PromoBuzz?

PromoBuzz is an in-platform communication and sharing tool design to help teams communicate around their calendar cadence. Access all promotion related conversations in one dedicated view of comments by promotion, with the ability to tag users and post attachments along the way.

What’s your cancellation policy?

We aim to make our fellow marketers happy, so we try to be flexible. In addition to providing a free Starter plan, you can cancel your Premium monthly plan at any time and won’t be billed for subsequent months. No hard feelings. If you’ve chosen to pre-pay for an annual subscription, you won’t be billed after that period expires should you cancel prior to renewal.

Do you offer agency or multi-account pricing?

We occasionally offer custom pricing to accommodate agencies or holding companies managing multiple brands. Request a consultation on the contact page.

What type of customer support do you offer?

PromoPrep is a self-service solution, but we’re here to help if issues arise! Please reach out via the online chat functionality or via the contact page if you have any questions, concerns, or just want to talk all things marketing.