Are you still managing your promo calendar in a spreadsheet?

Imagine planning your promotions in an online, fully interactive and intuitive calendar where teams are automatically notified as promos are updated, comparisons to last year are done with one-click, revenue is automatically imported for easy planning and everyone has real-time access from any device.

You’ll think it’s magic.

ecommerce promotion planning software features:

As silly as it sounds, many retailers are still using spreadsheets to manage their promotions. Every month, recreating a new worksheet, manually adding old promos and revenue from the previous year – then making updates multiple times per week and emailing the spreadsheet around to everyone that needs to adapt to the changes.

If this sounds familiar, we feel your pain. We have been on the receiving end of these promotion ‘calendars’ for years working in digital marketing.

So, we built a better solution to this cumbersome process, made exclusively for ecomm teams to simplify the promotion management process. Our solution is a calendar based web interface that is easier to work in and has amazing features that will make your work life (and those you work with) so much better.

Promo Update Alerts

In addition to the intuitive, calendar based interface, alerts are sent to your team whenever new promos are added or updated.

We love this feature because you don’t need to send emails for every change and explain everything in an email. If a date changes, a notice is sent. If the promo type changes a notice is sent. If the promo code changes, a notice is sent… you get the picture.

Plus, alerts are sent before a promo starts or ends. Think how great this is – your teams don’t have to rely on checking a spreadsheet or creating their own system to remember when promos are occurring. They have one place to go for every promo and everyone is updated in real time. And, they are less likely to forget to update, check or pause a promotion because alerts are sent automatically.

Compare Last Year’s Promos with One-Click

With a click of a button, last year’s promotion will line up with the current week’s promos. Think how easy this makes planning. Rather than someone copying the promos from the previous year to the current week, this functionality is built in.

You and your teams can reference old promos easily. Plus, if you need a reminder of what promos ran the previous year, with one-click you get all the details overlayed on this year’s promos.

View Daily Revenue for Easy Planning

We make it easy to see how promotions are impacting revenue. With a direct import from Google Analytics, revenue is added to your calendar, making planning extremely easy.

As a bonus – if you have daily plan numbers, you can upload your daily revenue targets to see where you need to get more aggressive or pull back.

Manage & View Your Promos from Anywhere

When managing an ecommerce website, keeping track of your promotions away from your computer is crucial.

So, we designed the promotion management system to give your entire team 24/7 access from anywhere on any device with a secure, cloud based connection.

Gain access to the only software developed specifically for eComm teams to manage promotions.

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