Turn spreadsheets into marketing calendars

Marketing calendars were never meant for spreadsheets. Our calendar-based interface provides a comprehensive tool to record and visualize your schedule. Store past and upcoming promo details including campaign dates, business categories, channels, offer types, discount codes, and more – all in one searchable location.

Stay informed with automatic alerts

Receive real-time alerts within the platform and via email when promos are added, updated, starting or ending. No more manually sending updates or hoping for marketing alignment. Promos go live on time and without error, for one less marketing headache (and we could all use that).

Assign promos to channels

Running a promo in paid search? Running an offline only promo? Create channels customized for your business to assign, organize, and filter the calendar view based on messaging distribution.

Plan to last year in one-click

Need to comp last year’s promo? No more jumping between old worksheets or manually copying past campaign details. With one-click you can overlay last year’s promos onto this year’s calendar for easy planning.

Enhance promo communications

PromoPrep streamlines promo communications and workflow. With user messaging via PromoBuzz, in-platform project management functionality, and linking to third party tools – everything needed to manage marketing cadence is available in one easy to use tool.

Import daily revenue for informed, easy planning

Automatically pull daily revenue into your calendar to track performance. Quickly view and add events based on what’s historically driven those sales. You can even import corresponding revenue goals for visibility into performance to plan. PromoPrep provides all the data you need to analyze and adjust promotions.

Manage from anywhere on any device

For marketers and business executives alike, keeping track of promotions away from your computer is crucial. So, we designed the PromoPrep interface to give all stakeholders real-time access from anywhere, on any device. Our secure, cloud based connection provides peace of mind that your promos are safe – and ready whenever required.

Import past promotions to keep everything in one spot

Before getting started in PromoPrep, upload all of your previous or future promos, assign to channels, and categorize for easy filtering and organization.