Keep Your Email Marketing Calendar On Track

Planning your email marketing schedule doesn’t have to be a stressful task.

Get a better view of your email calendar and performance.

Here’s How PromoPrep Improves Your Email Campaign Planning

marketing calendar color groups

Organization and Visibility

Take the stress out of visualizing and sharing your email campaign schedule.

With PromoPrep, you can build the perfect view not only for your email team, but for anyone interested in when they’re being sent.

Easy File Sharing

Want to show when email campaigns are going out, but also provide a preview?

Gather every asset needed to build your emails, including images, html files and previews – all in one place. 

File Upload

Post-Campaign Email Reporting

Now you can include details about how each email campaign performed and the results of A/B tests. Simply upload the extra information to give the whole team a better understanding of your efforts.

Like What You See?

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