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We built this tool to solve our fellow marketers’ promo problems.

Promotional management is complex and collaborative. It involves diverse stakeholders such as executives, operations, creative teams, agency partners, and media vendors. With so many process contributors, requirements, and points of communication failure, it’s no wonder these campaigns are often cited by businesses as an organizational nightmare. That challenge isn’t going away, in fact it’s getting even more complex as consumers demand more personalized offers from brands.

As founders we experienced this firsthand. We’re agency veterans who have spent over 30 years navigating these challenges in partnership with over 100 unique retail and consumer brands. Whether in Apparel & Accessories, Footwear, Home Decor, Beauty, Electronics, Food & Beverage, Grocery, Travel or any number of similar verticals – each of these businesses shared a broken promotional process. To make matters worse, our clients managed this process through tools and makeshift solutions ill equipped for the job. The entire process was overdue for a little disruption.

That’s why we created PromoPrep, a smart and easy way to manage the promotional planning process.

Our brand, and the software solutions we deliver, was built to make promotional planning a whole lot easier and a little more fun. We want to relieve our users of the high pressure associated with promotions, which carry a lot of management weight and monetary importance within most organizations.

Gone are the days of plans managed via a mess of emails, spreadsheets, and if you’re lucky, an entirely separate project management tool! Available via an intuitive web application interface, PromoPrep’s software allows for simplified management through calendarization, team collaboration, contributor workflow, reminder alerts, digital marketing workbenches and third party platform integrations, which bring promotional preparation into the digital age.

With PromoPrep, you’re not in it alone. We’re eager to make the lives of our fellow marketers a little easier and grateful for the opportunity to build something useful for our community. So bring on the promo problems – we’re here to tackle them together!

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